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Join PRP!

by Charles Erwin published Nov 01, 2018 09:00 AM, last modified Nov 01, 2018 09:33 AM

You can learn more about and join the Nautilus K8s forum support chat channel here 
Please also see the corresponding Nautilus Wiki page to learn more

You can join the PRP Listserv here

You can join the PRP Slack Channel here

Please let us know if the PRP science engagement and engineering teams can provide assistance to you or more information with regards to improving network connections and network throughput and data transfer speeds, as well as finding data storage solutions, connecting to the PRP Kubernetes Nautilus Cluster, and providing access to GPU and other computing resources. Overall, the PRP can assist you in optimizing your workflows.

For example, the PRP team can suggest resources to help researchers and scientists optimally use their campus Internet2 network connections, which directly reaches a much larger set of campuses, including supercomputer centers.

The PRP can also provide the following consultation and help:

•    Meet with campus network engineers to analyze the data workflow
•    Diagnose and suggest fixes for networking bottlenecks that limit network connectivity
•    Optimize network configurations to move data as fast as possible

PRP can also help, for example, by finding an ideal place to host a server with a 10Gbps or better network connection, help design and stand up the server and monitor it, as well as teaching you what you need to know about it and advanced distributed file systems so
you have backups, secure access, etc

For additional network engineering, storage and computing issues and for questions on the PRP/NRP in general, co-PIs Tom DeFanti at UCSD and Camille Crittenden at UC Berkeley, or senior network engineer John Graham at UCSD, as well as Applications Developer Dmitry Mishin at San Diego Supercomputer Center / UCSD, and CENIC Network Engineer John Hess,  will be able to answer questions.