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2015 Workshop PowerPoint Presentations

by Molly Wofford published Nov 05, 2015 10:06 AM, last modified Nov 09, 2015 04:00 PM
PowerPoint presentations from the 2015 Pacific Research Platform Workshop held Oct 14-16



Overview of the Pacific Research Platform (Larry Smarr)



 Opening Remarks (Camille Crittenden)

What Is Science Engagement? (Eli Dart)

POLARBEAR and Simons Array (Haruki Nichino, presented by Brian Keating)

Telecope Surveys Team: Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (Peter Nugent)

Gravitational Wave Astronomy Team (Jocelyn Read, presented by Sharon Brunett)

Microbiome and Integrative 'Omics Team (Rob Knight)

A Multidimensional Approach to Multiple Sclerosis Pathogenesis (Sergio Baranzini)

Enabling Genomic Big Data (J.J. Garcia Luna, presented by Larry Smarr)

Data Analysis and Simulation for Earthquakes and Natural Disasters (Frank McKenna)

Climate Modeling (Eric Nienhouse)

Regional Climate Change Assessment (Dan Cayan)

Pacific Research Platform Scalable Visualization Team (Maxine Brown with Jason Leigh)

Cyberarchaeology and the PRP (Tom Levy)

Photorealistic Virtual Environments (Jurgen Schulze)

Enabling Data-driven Science in the Wild (Falko Kuester)

Game-based Virtual World (Walt Scacchi)

Security Autonomous Response with Programmable Networks (Cees de Laat)



End-to-End Technical Requirements (Frank Wurthwein)

The PRPv1 Architecture Model (John Hess)

FIONAs (Phil Papadopoulos)

UC San Diego's DMZ (Tom Hutton)

From the ESnet Point of View (Eli Dart)

From the HPR TAC Point of View (Erik McCroskey)

Incommon (Bruce Vincent) --  No slides available. Please see video.

Securing the PRPv1 (Eli Dart)

Security and the PRP (Michael Duff)

Trust and File Systems (Rick Wagner)

PRPv2: Read/Write Abilities and General Concepts (John Haskins)

SDN over PacifcWave (Darrell Newcomb)

SDN OpenFLow (Darrell Newcomb)

Trusted Platform Modules for DTNs (John Graham) -- No slides available. Please see video.

IPv6 Security Concepts on PRPv2 (Valeria Polichar) -- No slides available. Please see video.

CILogon Authentication and TPM Certificate Encryption for Jupyterhub (Andrea Zonca)

International Perspective: Starlight SDX (Joe Mambretti)


The Netherlands Perspective (Cees de Laat) -- No slides available. Please see video.

Researching Future Networking (Leon Gommans)